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Case Study:

Ealing Riding School

Custom development – Bespoke system that links site, front end administration and scheduling

Ealing Riding School are an all year equestrian centre that cater for the full spread of riding abilities from ages 4 on up, providing tuition from its pool of instructors and 28 horses.

In an increasingly competitive market, Ealing Riding School was challenged with having to increase its turnover without affecting margin, which meant finding efficiencies that required a level of management information that could only ever be achieved through a bespoke software platform that matched the dynamic and unique workflow of the riding school.

Through weekly face to face meetings, we were able to understand and chart the real-world process that drive Ealing Riding School and chart a path in the bespoke platform we built for them, capturing the full audit of riding management including financial data.

Considering the end-to-end business objective, we also built in functionality to their website to facilitate payment and send them to the new platform. We finished the project by building a completely bespoke phone app that allows regular riders to book their next lessons with ease in a matter of seconds, completely mimicking the flow and design language of the platform and the webform, updating the ridings schools platform within seconds, removing a barrier to purchase and contributing to a 30% uplift in sales, giving an ROI of just 6 weeks. The project time for the platform, app and webform from kick off through to delivery, was just 8 weeks, followed by a month of iterative development whereby we made minor changes on an ad hoc basis at Ealing Riding Schools’ request and direction without charge, as we do not consider a product sold until it is fully embedded and consider an essential tool.

We are very proud to say that we continue to work with Ealing Riding School by providing detailed analysis of the key metrics that are now being captured through their platform. This service helps the business focus in on key demographics, identify any leakages and adapt to a seasonal market to a speed and degree of accuracy none of its competitors can match.

Case Study:

British Charcuterie

Consultation – Database configuration and management and digital process rebuild

British Charcuterie is a small company in its second year, looking to establish a nationwide competition for industry leaders and raise the profile and standards of charcuterie.

Cyberpunk Technologies was brought in on a consultancy basis to coordinate and develop the database platform that underpins the business. Through iterative collaboration, we have brought the platform from a peripheral concern, to becoming the foundation of strategic and operational planning. Specifically, the relationships between tables, key fields and real-world processes were not aligned, and together we deciphered which element needed to change, the platform or the process, as we deconstructed the pre-existing workflows and rebuilt them to ensure that tools and practice were synchronised.

Moving forwards, we continue to work hand in glove with British Charcuterie to further expand their capabilities by ensuring their core platform evolves to compliment the business and avoid the common pitfall for creating a legacy system.

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